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Danish Kickstarter gadget solves MacBook Pro cable hassle

Danish Kickstarter gadget solves MacBook Pro cable hassle

“Because plugging cables sucks” is the mantra for the upcoming Danish Kickstarter campaign, Project Bracket, that launches earlier this week.

Solving everyday cable hassle at the office
The indie app consultant firm iDeal Development from Aarhus, Denmark is behind the campaign. The idea for Bracket originated from a daily irritation at iDeal Development’s office. Nordic Startup Bits talked with them and why they had launched the project

“Every time I come to the office, I need to plug five cables in to by MacBook, and when I leave the office: 5 cables needs to be pulled out. Some days I do that several times.” says Esben Bjerregaard, parter, iDeal Development and inventor of Bracket, and continues

“Often the cables are tangled up, and sometimes they are even lying on the floor. It is not the world’s biggest problem, but still it annoyed us enough to find a solution’.

No electronics, No moving parts. Just high-grade aluminum.
Bracket is a minimalistic designed high quality accessory that keeps your MacBook Pro Retina cables fixed and organised. The little piece of high-grade aluminum hardware is designed to be a natural and non-breakable extension of your Mac. Besides from making your workspace look tidy it also optimizes your workflow. The simple functionality ensures accurate positions and stability and enables you to plug in all of your cables in just one-plug.

A month to reach the funding goal
Project Bracket only have one month to get the project funded. If they don’t reach the goal they will not receive any funding from Kickstarter. Thats the rules of the game. Therefor November is going to be a thrilling time for the team.

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“We have been working on Project Bracket for a really long time and it would be a tremendous milestone for us to reach the funding goal. It will mean that we finally can put Bracket into production and get it out to the people. And that is of course the point of it all.” says Esben Bjerregaard.

Besides from the Kickstarter page, Project Bracket can be followed on the website and blog where the team regularly writes about lessons learned, milestones as well as useful tips and tricks that other future ‘Kickstarters’ can benefit from.

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