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Elon Musk wins the world’s most important design award in Helsingor

Elon Musk wins the world’s most important design award in Helsingor

From Guatemala to Holland to Singapore: this year’s winners of the “Oscars” for designers come from all over the world to receive the prize in Helsingor.

The Index Award: Design to Improve Life is widely recognized as the most important and prestigious design award in the world.  For the past ten years, an international jury has awarded the prize for the five best designs that make life better.

1,123 designs from 72 countries competed for the prize in five categories: Body, Home, Work, Play, and Learning and Community.

“The international jury has found five winners that best illustrate how design can be a key factor in solving the world’s major challenges, such as climate change,  overpopulation, pollution, food waste, poverty, disease, etc. But it is this specifically about development:  the INDEX: Award aims to go forward, “says Look White, director of the non-profit organization INDEX: Design to Improve Life, which has been behind the world-famous prize since 2005.

The five winners are:

Duolingo: A Guatemalan app that teaches the user a new language at record speed.

Peek Retina: A British smartphone adapter that can prevent blindness.

Ocean Cleanup Array: A Dutch invention that aims to clear oceans of plastic and other garbage.

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Sky Greens: A company from Singapore that has developed a universal design for vertical gardens.

Tesla Power Wall: Last but not least, Elon Musk’s Tesla motors won the grand prize and € 100,000 for their Power Wall. The technology consists of a solar panel installed on a roof, a battery that stores energy from the solar cell, and a converter that converts solar energy into electricity.

You can read more about Index Awards and the winners via this link.

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