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Fashion based app Flauntin gives customers discounts for ‘flauntin’

Fashion based app Flauntin gives customers discounts for ‘flauntin’

Flauntin: a platform strengthening the relationship between fashion stores and their customers.

Flauntin is an app that enables fashion lovers to get discounts on their favourite boutiques through essentially “flauntin” their purchases. A generous 10% discount is available for users that share their purchases on social media applications such as Facebook. These discount opportunities are available in the 32 stores that Flauntin currently has partnerships with.

The app was developed by five students during a course at the Technical University of Denmark. Keen to continue development of Flauntin’ the company hired Cosmin Almajanu for the position of chief executive officer. His role currently is to increase Flauntin’s market share and the number of partnerships.

Flauntin is based on the concept of word-of-mouth marketing. Consumers tend to trust the recommendations of friends and thus are more likely to consider purchases their friends have already approved. Flauntin is free to users but they charge a small service fee from their partner stores.

“It has however been shown that seven people on average go to the store page after someone has “flaunted”. Flauntin aims to help stores increase their online presence and the number of sales. They also help retailers reduce the number of seasonal sales and increase customer loyalty.” Almajunu tells Nordic Startup Bits

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For the moment Flauntin is focusing its efforts on marketing and offering the service in more fashion stores. They have hired five new international interns to help expand the company. Current marketing efforts include connecting with high profile fashion bloggers, getting in touch with influencers and social media marketing. They are also aiming to partner up with chain stores such as Zara and H&M.

In the next few years Flauntin hopes to penetrate other European markets, especially fashion hubs such as Milan, Paris and London.

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