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IoT Competitions will invent the Internet of Everything

IoT Competitions will invent the Internet of Everything

A competition for the Internet of Things has been launched by three of Northern Europe’s largest  companies: Tetra Pak, Scania and Nobia. The goal is to develop game-changing solutions for everything from kitchens to trucks to packaging, through the creation of a technical prototype with a business focus.

Participants in the competition will receive free access to IBM’s development tool Bluemix to develop their prototypes. With a total of 300 000 SEK in prizes, 100 000 SEK will be awarded to the winner of each company’s respective competition.

”We see a great potential to create brand new experiences for package consumers when our packaging is digitalized,” says Henrik Ewing, Manager Manager Carton Bottle & Gable Top Package Design at Tetra Pak, in a press release.

Connected disruption

IoT services have been popping up in every industry imaginable, including automobiles and home security,and have unstoppable growth. According to forecasts by Cisco, the global IoT market will be $14.4 trillion by 2022, with between 20 and 30 billion connected devices.  As big companies join the IoT race, the look towards startups and hackathons to find the next creative solutions.

”For many years we have had our vehicles connected, delivering traditional Fleet Management Services to our customers, and now we want to apply the connected data to new services and products,” says Jan Danielsson, Head of Connected services at Scania.

”Today we see how the connected home brings joy and efficiency to everyday life. It is now time we look at what happens when we connect the kitchen,” says Axis Lundberg, Innovation Director at Nobia.

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The competition launches on May 13th and is open to the Nordic countries: Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and Finland. The Deadline is July 1st and the winners will be presented in September, 2016.

Submit your game-changing idea for The Internet of Things before the deadline of August 31st and compete to win one of three 100.000 SEK prizes!

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