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Leading Japanese IoT connectivity provider SORACOM come to Europe

Leading Japanese IoT connectivity provider SORACOM come to Europe

The Japanese IoT powerhose SORACOM announced the launch of its advanced IoT connectivity platform and services in Europe to support customers and partners deploying IoT/M2M solutions.

Widely recognized as one of Japan’s leading IoT technology providers, SORACOM  deploys a cloud-based connectivity platform that is both technically advanced and affordable. The company uses a unique approach and architecture to provide secure data transfer at lower costs for its global customers and brings this technology to users across all industries in convenient new forms.

SORACOM’s SIM cards are tailored for IoT devices and can be managed through APIs and a web console, that allow convenient activation/deactivation of SIMs, traffic monitoring, network configuration and visualization, storage and management of data, and many more detailed operations in real time.

€œ”SORACOM aims to use its platform to contribute to the overall growth of the IoT industry,” said Ken Tamagawa, Chief Executive Officer of SORACOM in a press release. “€œCurrent IoT connectivity providers do not really offer secure and swift delivery of services that are affordable and available for everyone in a democratized way. Connecting devices to the internet or the cloud is the easy part. Securing devices and data is the most critical. If it’s on the public internet, it’€™s hackable. Our customers connect their devices directly to the cloud, using a private network provided by SORACOM instead of public internet.”€

The company has also built a global ecosystem of over 250 partners through its SORACOM Partner Space (SPS). Through this programme, SORACOM continues to deliver both technical innovation and business value to partners and their customers. SORACOM will now start welcoming new partners from Europe into SPS to further expand the ecosystem.

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SORACOM’s SIM cards are available on Amazon€™s European sites for small volumes and via user consoles for larger volumes.


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