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Popular brain training app Brain+ receives million investment

Popular brain training app Brain+ receives million investment

The popular brain training app Brain+ receives million investment from the danish VC’s Seed Capital, North-East Venture, and some other business angels.
by Jonas Munk

In 2014 Brain+ was awarded as the greatest new app in 125 countries and in the previous year the app has achieved 1 million downloads on the App Store. Worldwide a lot of users have expressed their approval on the App Store, where training benefit and entertainment value are highly praised. The next step will be to develop the concept furthermore. Brain+ consists of some scientifically designed brain-training games that improve key brain functions. The exercises are co-developed with some of the leading brain researchers from University of Copenhagen.

“We look at Brain+ as part of the ‘quantified self’ megatrend. For the modern consumers, it is important to measure and improve their own performance in many different areas. We see it with fitness trackers, which help during exercise, and WI-FI weights that keep track of the fat percentage. Brain+ is the ordinary consumer’s chance to measure and train the brain in a fun and engaging way. We believe that there is a huge market potential for Brain+. It is a strong team that can capitalize on the opportunity and we look forward to working with them”, said Niels Vejrup Carlsen, Investment Director at SEED Capital.

The founders behind Brain+ are very excited about the new investment and how the users have received the excited app.

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“We are very pleased with the fact that SEED Capital, North-East Venture and a number ofbusiness angels have chosen to join us in the Brain+ project. It is great that professional investors can also see the huge potential of Brain+. With this economic boost we can take the company and the product to a whole new level. We are going to focus on further development of the technology and the app, so our users will experience a constant flow of new, interesting and engaging content. We will also establish ourselves better in international markets”, said Kim Baden-Kristensen, CEO and co-founder of Brain+.

With the new investment the founders look forward to establish their start-up in the rapidly growing market, and make a bigger penetration in the international markets.

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