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Summary of Balderton’s Sthlm Tech Meetup

Summary of Balderton’s Sthlm Tech Meetup

Bladerton, the investors behind Tictail (8M USD) and MySQL (sold to Sun Microsystems for 1B USD) and many more, held a meetup last night for Stockholm’s Tech Entrepreneurs.

The meetup featured keynotes from Balderton, Tictail, Alexander Bard (best selling author and expert on the philosophy of technology) and Tanya Marvin-Horowitz (Partner at Capital A Partners VC firm). To finish the night, Balderton hosted a pitching competition for three lucky up and coming startups.

The keynotes covered everything from The Burning Man festival in Nevada, USA and the philosophy of technology, to linking Stockholm Startups with opportunities in New York, to what Balderton look for in a startup (Hint: nothing new here – the team is still everything!)

The three startups in the pitching competition included:

Pimobo – design is everything
Pimobo are creating digital mood boards for creative professionals. Their software allows professional designers to collect ideas, collaborate with their team and then communicate the design concepts – all within their platform. Their invite only beta version is due to be released any day now:

My Closet Room – become your own fashion icon
My Closet Room started off as a school project by two 18 year olds trying to help girls with ‘real’ fashion – fashion you actually wear. The app allows users to try out different combinations from their own wardrobe, mix and match with friends, and even try out items from online stores. They have gained good traction, attracting 30 000 users, all organically! Their app can be downloaded from the app store for both Android or iPhone, or from their website:

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byStored – Revolutionizing the storage industry
The London based self-storage startup is a premium service, taking the hassle out of self-storage! They offer delivery of all required boxes, fixed pickup times, and fixed return times – service that is above and beyond industry standard. Already established in London, the founders are looking to move into other large cities around Europe early next year! More information can be found here:

The winners of the pitching event were My Closet Room, who secured a meeting the following day with the investors from Balderton!

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