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Tell Us: How Can We Improve the Infrastructure for Startups in Denmark?

Tell Us: How Can We Improve the Infrastructure for Startups in Denmark?

What is the biggest headache for a startup in Denmark? is working on a new initiative where we look at the challenges and solutions for Danish entrepreneurs to better understand their barriers and improve conditions to make life for a Danish startup easier and better.

But where do we begin? And who is going to help?

The problems are many and wide as a Danish startup and a stronger infrastructure is in order to support these nascent companies. It is up to us to support each other and communicate about common struggles so we can do something about it.

But in order for this to happen, we need your input. As an entrepreneur, employee, founder, or investor, what problems have you and your associates encountered? What would have made your job with or within a startup easier?

If you know of any specific cases – whether from home or abroad – where things have been done smarter, tell us! Who and what can Denmark learn from?

We want to hear YOUR opinion and thoughts. So please –  Tweet us! Email us! Call or come by for coffee! We’re interested in what you have to say. We can’t work to make the conditions for startups less cumbersome or the road to success shorter if we don’t have your support.

Send us your input on so we can learn more about where we should put our efforts!

The Warmest Wishes from the StartupDK and Trendsonline Teams

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