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Ultimate AI is Nominated for Best AI/Machine Learning Startup by Nordic Startup Awards

Ultimate AI is Nominated for Best AI/Machine Learning Startup by Nordic Startup Awards

Ultimate ai

Next-Generation Customer Service Powered by AI

Customer satisfaction is an integral part of any business and the invested customer service can be a step forward in reaching that aim. However, finding the proper means to communicate with the customers is not a simple process, and it could reflect on the company business operations.

In the U.S. alone, poor customer service accounts for nearly $1.6 trillion a year in losses, as Kainulainen, Rautio and Pasanen, the tech experts who founded the Finnish startup, found out.

Businesses really often rely on chat, which is the cheapest, but also the most preferred communication channel. As the demands of the customer base rise, companies that will not rely on innovation not only risk the quality of their customer service, but also the productivity of their agents and their satisfaction.

Taking into consideration both the business needs and the customer demands, has developed an AI-powered solution for boosting the contact centers by allowing agents to provide smarter responses in a timely fashion.

Human+Machine, the Formula for Better Results

Although based on AI, ultimate’s solution does not aim to replace the human factor but make them more productive, Our mission is to keep humans competitive in our AI age. Explain the founders. To do this, we are pushing the boundaries in state-of-the-art deep learning technologies. All of our technology is built in-house and based upon our own research. AI tools which augment and empower human work is the future, and we are one of the first companies leading the way.

To enable this, the team has built two solutions that complement each other. The Suggestion Engine in partnership with agents can learn from historical chat data and provide reply suggestions in real-time, reducing the average handling time by 30%. As the AI has the learning capability it can move to Full Automation, which at peak times can reduce the number of incoming questions by up to 80%.


Industry and Language Agnostic Solution

To be truly competitive in a market that currently relies on chatbots, has focused on introducing certain advantages, such as an omnichannel presence, the potential to learn from agents and historical data, as well as the adaptability to any language. This makes an industry-agnostic solution ready to power the customer service across different industries, from telco to eCommerce, which is important for being competitive in their total addressable market of €122 billion.

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Accordingly, the market is attractive to a lot of companies that aim to meet the growing demands, and some of the top direct competitors of are IBM, IPsoft, and Inbenta. Besides the timely setup and laborious maintenance, the solutions they provide aim to replace the human factor rather than make it more productive, which is where could step in.

This feature has enabled to onboard more than 25 enterprise customers, across the Nordics, Germany and UK, with the renowned SAP being one of them.

Check, the Danish company partner of Nordic Startup Awards that has created this content deck about nominees. allows large corporations to meet innovative startups!

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