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Pinksquare wants to “templatize” video production

Pinksquare wants to “templatize” video production

In the last couple of decades, videos have become the de-facto preferred mode of product marketing. Physical product innovators or makers showcase their products as a 3D animation to represent the product design exactly as it or to show the functional utility of their design. The Danish startup Pinksquare is addressing a couple of major pain points in the technical 3D product animation industry: that of cost, time and understanding the needs of new generations of makers.

Traditional incumbents in the industry are agencies who produce 3D content for ads, games and movies. The process typically involves elaborate creative briefs and discussions. This is not pertinent and more of a overkill for physical product animations. Naturally the time and costs of this proces can be prohibitive. Pinksquare believes this is an unaddressed niche market, ready for a new solution. The benefits for buyers of animation in the words of the founder Thomas Sugar,“You are able to purchase animations starting from kr 7,500 along with an experience that’s user-friendly, transparent, and fast.”

Even inexperienced makers can use templates

The above quoted value is typically half of what is charged by the incumbents and process is much faster with a 24 hour promise on providing estimates. PinkSquare’s bet is that they can  “templatize” most of the process. Even the most inexperienced buyer can work with templates and get a sense on the output. In fact, this model is  pretty much on the same lines as how web development progressed as a industry. What followed in web development are off the shelf platforms such as wordpress, wix or squarespace which powers much of the web today. This is naturally the way Pinksquare will continue to innovate and evolve. Thomas says, “in addition to in-house production, we are looking at becoming a platform for vetted freelancers to create our animations”.

About the founders

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Thomas Sugar and Martin Andersen founded PinkSquare in the beginning of 2017. With over a decade of experience working with 3D animation, Martin and Thomas decided it was about time to improve the experience of purchasing 3D animations, especially for small and medium sized companies. Pinksquare was hence born with a mission of making the process of purchasing 3D animations easy, fast and affordable.  Thomas Sugar formerly founded Pinstriped, a meeting software.

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