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Planday’s 30 day challenge: keeping up momentum

Planday’s 30 day challenge: keeping up momentum

Welcome to the third chapter of Planday’s establishment in the United States – a true expansion adventure, controlled with a heavy hand by Danish-owned Lemonsqueeze,  whose specialty is helping European companies gain a foothold and scale their business in the US market.

This week, the team focused solely on preparing a pitch, getting a deeper knowledge of the product, and keeping up the momentum already created in Lemonsqueeze’s factory in Brooklyn.

planday 2

The target for September is in the house!
The energy is high, and the battle for new customers goes full steam ahead.

One of the sellers, who Lemonsqueeze encountered a potential customer using a competing service with lower prices, but with a product that is not up to size. After a quick pep talk, he goes directly to the phone, matches the price, and closes a sale. These guys do not sit and wait, they fast-forward!

playday 3

Dynamics of variation and new friends

Keeping the momentum is very much about dynamism and variety. To ensure that there is always high momentum, employees jump onto stationary bikes and take part in a half-hour ‘pitch battle’.

One should not be afraid to take on the heavyweights. One of the new Plandayer’s has a solid network in the hospitality industry, especially in New York, and through this they have managed to become a “preferred partner” in the NY Restaurant Association. A partner cooperation that can provide new leads and position Planday as a solid player on the market.

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Next week
  Behind the massive metal doors in Brooklyn lies great success. The Planday team has closed twice as many sales as their goal when the challenge started. Therefore, they have now turned up the expectations and aim to close 12 sales before the 30 days are up. It seems that the old adage “sales generate sales” is appropriate.

Follow us next week as we conclude our series on Lemonsqueeze and Planday in their eagerness to secure a foothold in the US market.

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